Consultation Services

Talil's business partners can benefit from part or all of the services that make up the

entire creation process:

Project Analysis

For the production of olives (oil or table olives)

a. Evaluation of Feasibility

b. Assistance, where needed, in finding potential business associates

Olive Plantation Planning

a. Site evaluation through analysis of climatic data and soil surveys.

b. Plantation planning: Physical plans: irrigation system, drainage,

wells and pumps, roads and farmhouses.

c. Selection of olive varieties: According to taste and biochemical properties of

the oil, oil’s shelf life, environmental adaptation, water demand, reciprocal

cross pollination, methods of harvesting and double purpose use (olive oil and

table olives).

Consultation for olive plantations:

a. Providing professional assistance during implementation of olive projects,

including visits of experts at the site as well as on going advising.

b. Specializing in growing olive plantations in deserts: Getting high yields of

qualitative olive oil from intensive olive orchards planted in arid zones with

the possibility to irrigate with salty water.

c. Training the workers in all ranks in different agricultural and industrial ranges

in order to operate the entire system by local stuff within a short period.